Bob the Bigot

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As first introduced in my blog post, Bob is a totally-made-up-and-not-real character that I may or may not know.

Bob is a Bigot.

Actually, my Bigot Bingo card has been completed. We have had Xenophobia, Jingoism, Sexism, Misogyny, Fascism, and of course, Racism.

Bob speaks in a slow drawn Westcountry accent - a bit like a Cornish Droopy. Some of Bob's musings spouted to his colleagues (that I have heard) thus far have been:

  • "Well, statistically they (meaning black people) are more likely to commit crimes..."
  • "We should just nuke the French"
  • Something about having to support 360 Syrian refugees
  • "There are only two genders. Fact. (What about Hermaphrodites, Bob?) There's no such thing as a "Gay" gender!" (Who said there was, Bob?)
  • Women shouldn't serve in the armed forces
  • "Electric cars aren't as environmentally friendly as petrol cars. Fact."
  • Something derogatory about Greta Thunberg
  • All Muslims are terrorists

Nationalism (And Bob's world-view summed up)

A cartoon depicting two tribes either side of an expanse of water. Our side are heroes, adventurers, leaders, etc. Their side are despots, savages, invaders, etc.

Monday Mar 09 2020

Bob's bigotry was rubbing its old white hands together today as he "read" the headline that a person armed with knives was shot dead by police in London.

In Bob World, this became, "A Muslim Terroist with knives was shot dead in London this morning"

I had just read the initial report and saw no mention of the man's skin tone, nor of his religion. I asked Bob, "How do you know he was a Muslim?"

Bob's reply was that he was a terrorist so he must have been Muslim, "because they're all terrorists". I brought up examples of Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh, and Bob retorted, "Yes! Terrorists!". I said, "But they're not Muslims". Bob by this time was just shouting out sentences over my reasonable comments. "Yes! Terroists!". But they aren't Muslims Bob - Bob:"Yes! They're all terrorists!".

I gave up...

From the BBC report that was available at the time of this "conversation" (emphasis added by me):

A knifeman has been shot dead by armed police officers in central London.

The man was seen "acting suspiciously" in Westminster, at 23:25 GMT on Sunday, and pulled out two knives when he was challenged by officers on patrol, Scotland Yard said.

Armed officers responded and a Taser and gun were fired.

The man was confirmed dead by the London Ambulance Service in Great Scotland Yard but the incident is not being treated as terror related.