Maxims & Mantras


This page is dedicated to my children, Joshua & Siobhan.

It outlines some of the maxims, mantras, doctrine, ideology and inspirational phrases that I try to follow in my life.

It also serves as a historical record of my musings and thoughts. There is no arrogance associated nor implied - I'm not saying that my way is the correct way for anything. These are just the points that my experience of life has led me to hold true. They are presented in no order, and often without context.

I hope you find them useful.

Document Status

This is a live and enduring document. Whilst currently sparse, it will grow and be updated as my life moves forward.


  • We are all Homo Sapiens - All humans, no matter what colour, gender, size, belief, or tribe are Homo Sapiens
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Try to find the elements of truth in your opponents' viewpoint
  • Free education for all will improve the lives of everyone
  • Make a decision, record it, and learn from it - if it was the wrong choice, don't do it that way next time
  • Media companies exist to make money for their shareholders. They do not have to publish the truth
  • Freedom of speech must be maintained as an absolute right of every human
  • Freedom of speech does not allow you to harm, nor incite harm unto others
  • Everyone should be held accountable for their speech
  • Organised religion quickly descends into evil
  • Organised religion poisons everything
  • Live and let live
  • Don't delete anything if it can be archived or otherwise stored
  • Maintain your User Dictionary
  • Don't do to others what you don't want done to yourself
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Prices always rise (inflation) and politicians always philander (corruption)
  • Politically, the far Left and the far Right tend to meet around the back - don't become either.
  • Often after a revolution, the new power becomes as corrupt and oppressive as the regime they overturned
  • The Formula 1 racing driver, Niki Lauda, once said "You never learn from winning; you only learn from losing". Change that. Learn to become addicted to winning and doing everything you can to learn why you won, and what you need to do to sustain that.
  • Do everything "On System" unless you have a documented and valid reason not to
  • A tool is a device that allows you to expend fewer calories doing a task