Wednesday Jan 08 2020

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Ubuntu Bug #1850966

Ubuntu has reported Bug 1850966. 'Software & Updates' or software-properties package has an issue where the updating of the cache in the update window "Refreshing software cache" becomes stuck with the progress bar seemingly at 100%.

Side Note: When I rule the world, progress bars will NOT be allowed to reach 100% - You should never see 100% because it should be done.

Interface Hall of Shame

If you're a software design geek or are just frustrated at how human-machine interfaces fail you, check out this archive of (old school) issues with interfaces. I'm very thankful for the people at GP Design for preserving this excellent resource.
It's hilarious and very, very educational - Students of the subject should be made to keep this on them at all times.


Silvio Horta, the creator of "Ugly Betty" sadly died yesterday, aged 45 (same as me). I only ever watched one episode and found it very funny, but for some reason never got around to watching any more.

Screaming Train Drivers

In Japan, train driver are required at least once every 6 minutes to point at a seemingly random object and scream out it's name.
Apparently, this is the time period that the average person remains alert, so by picking out an object and screaming it's name, the driver show that they are alert and paying attention.
Not that I suffer from inattention while driving, but I was thinking of trying the same technique with maybe road signs at motorway junctions or something. I think they may be on to something here...


PSA:Don't shorten the year when typing or writing anything this year. 2020 obviously gets shortened to 20, but that makes it very easy to forge/alter the date to read 2019 (or any of the previous 19 years). Use the full 2020 nomenclature.

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