Thursday Jan 09 2020

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Man Down: Man Flu

Well, since Tuesday, I've been slowly succumbing to "the lurgy" that's going around Plymouth. Daryl had it over Christmas and seems to have passed it on - It started with a niggly sore throat, then I started losing my voice, and it has since gone down onto my chest. I got out of bed at 0400 because the crackling whilst breathing was just keeping me awake anyway.

People are, as usual, calling it the 'flu, but having had actual 'flu when I was a teenager, this is nothing like it - for one thing, I'm upright and typing this, and I'm still able to go to work.

This is just a cold or infection (= Man Flu).

Of course, being Man Flu, I'm asking my brothers to look out for me - I might not make it, people!

But seriously, our biggest medical change in the last couple of generations has been the understanding of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness to prevent the spread of pathogens.

If you have symptoms, it's time to up your (normally very good) regiment - Use disposable tissue to blow your nose and dispose of them correctly. Wash your hands - not just after using the toilet, but whenever you get the chance. Cover your mouth/nose when coughing and then wash your hands/use antibacterial gel. Make sure any crockery is well washed between uses.

Stay clean, stay safe.

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