Wednesday Jan 15 2020

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Brexit will soon have cost the UK more than the combined total of all 47 years worth of EU membership dues.

EE are good

Big ups and kudos to the mobile operator EE here in the UK.
We've had terrible reception in our house from EE for a few years. To the extent that I went out and bought a landline for the house because we couldn't make calls (even on WiFi calling?) from inside unless we stood very still in one tiny corner of the house.
I made a couple of complaints and long-story-short, they sent me an email saying that "to be honest, with the masts in your area, I don't know when/if this will get fully resolved. I would be sorry to see you leave, but I would understand and, of course, we will waive the early-termination fee for the contract."

Well, they've even reimbursed me the cost of getting the phones unlocked and have sent me the PAC codes (after telling them that I'd like to go ahead and cancel my contract).

I write this here because we so often write or hear about bad customer service, but sometimes, companies do the right thing, and for me, EE have done the right thing. Special thanks to the lovely Customer Resolution Team member, Jade Copelin for sorting everything out for me.

Domain Name Registration

I'm still waiting (3 months) for my desired domain name, to become available again. Some Chinese company had registered it, hoping to make money off it I suppose. Anyway, it's expired now and is in the ICANN redemption period. I'm sure it's been in that state for longer than 30 days...

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