Sunday Jan 19 2020

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8k Walk

I walked 8.3km this evening and really bloody enjoyed it - a bit icy underfoot though!

@DaisyHeifer Mark's walk route from the bottom of Healy Place, Plymouth, through Stonehouse, along to Western Approach, Up Alma Road and down along St Levan's Road and then back home.


As we stumble headlong into a Brexit that only morons want and the mass populace were duped into, the government is planning on dividing the country further by lighting up parliament with a count-down clock.
A special 50p coin will also enter circulation to Mark the occasion.

An old white guy with a plate full of cookies says to another white guy with a single cookie, 'Careful mate, that foreigner wants your cookie', highlighting the fear the right-wing instil in the ordinary person.

The leavers, or those who have blind-sided with their glorious buffoon leader, are becoming more vocal, and yet they still can't express a single reason of how it will make their lives better - Of course, we know that it's just bigotry in the form of racism, jingoism and xenophobia, but they will always deny that.

I can see nothing but disaster in Brexit - How on earth can little Britain hope to fair better in the market than the collective power of the EU? It just can't. We have no special output to hang our hats on - no mining resources, no specialist skills, no major manufacturing companies of our own.

I don't get the nationalism that the leavers are buying into - we are all Homo Sapiens The countries currently on level 2 or 3 will soon catch up and overtake us. We are always better in the club than out.

Trump Trade

In news that will surprise nobody (except his idiot followers, maybe), Donald Trump's trade deals have actually made matters worse than what was already in place.

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