Saturday Jan 25 2020

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Mr Moose is Up!

Well, DamnGnabbit! So my HDD on my old Linux box, which is my web server, died on Sunday just after the last blog post. After much trying to give it CPR, I've had to pronounce it dead. Still, I managed to get this little beauty for £34.79, so my old Linux box is once again back up and running. It's actually refreshing to have a clean Ubuntu system that's not sharing the drive with Windows or any of the other legacy rubbish that was on the old HDD. Also, with my improved knowledge of Ubuntu/Linux and Apache2, I was able to cleanly install everything in a sensible and controlled manner.


A tweet from Mark Sumner saying, "I've just been informed that some people find the term "anti-vaxxer" to be offensive. From now on I will use the more technically accurate term of "child-murdering fuckwad""

Network Problems

An XKCD comic frame making fun of the difference between normal IT problems and Network IT problems (which are much more difficult)

Who's not in a pic with Lev Parnas?

A picture of Barack Obama drinking a pint of beer with the caption of "Guess who doesn't have photos with Lev Parnas"

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog's worried expression

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