Friday Jan 31 2020

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Today is a bad day in history, perhaps the worst in my lifetime

A man on a ladder chipping off a star from the European Union flag

The UK is leaving the EU

This is the biggest political mistake of my lifetime. The only reasons for leaving are xenophobic, jingoistic or downright racist. Disgusting. Not one of the morons who voted for this could tell me a single example of how their life would be improved by it. Bye Bye Europe, I'll always love EU.

NHS to pay more for US Drugs - Trump Administration

Donald Trump will be acquitted in his impeachment trial

The Far Right have completed their cover-up. They will vote today to acquit Trump without allowing witnesses nor evidence into the fake trial. Trump is a dictator and the GOP have enabled his rise and dominance.

From today, any future president can ask foreign powers to aide them in winning an election. Any president can prevent staff from complying with subpoenas, prevent them from giving evidence and prevent them from being witnesses. The president can also commit any crime that they believe is in the public interest. And they all believe that their re-election is in the public interest.

But has Trump thrown McConnell under the bus?

Oh yes - And whatever happened to the report on Russian Interference in our UK elections? - And why won't Boris release it? Hmm?

And it turns out Trump's main defence lawyer was a material witness to the crimes – Whodathunkit?

With Trump's impeachment trial, Republicans have convicted themselves

Donald Trump’s Own Justice Department Undermined His Impeachment Defence

Peppa Pig

Harley Bird, the voice of Peppa Pig is stepping down

Goop is bad

(I'm not talking about the stuff in the photo here)

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop series on Netflix slammed by NHS Chief.

Sex is only for married people

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