Sunday Feb 02 2020

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Palindrome Day!

If you format your dates in the yyyymmdd, ISO 8601, format (and you should), today's date is a palindrome day* - 20200202. There, I bet that's cheered you up!

*I think the time and date website has an error on it - Today is palindromic in the format yyyymmdd!

My Maternal Grandparents

For no reason other than I found the photo earlier, please meet my ‑ now deceased ‑ maternal Grandparents, Alec & Marjorie Kelman.

Black and White photo of Alec and Marjorie Kelman, @DaisyHeifer Mark Smith's maternal grandparents, in their Sunday Best suits

Brexit: Ian McEwan

Brexit, the most pointless, masochistic ambition in our country's history, is done ‑ Ian McEwan

Evening Jaunt

@DaisyHeifer Mark's evening walk up to Stoke Village, down to the bottom of Devonport Park, through the park, and back home. 2.87km

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