Wednesday Feb 05 2020

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Site Refresh

I'm not generating much for the blog at present because I'm changing the way the site serves images. Rather than using a light-box where you click a thumbnail to view the full image, I'm using responsive images via lazysizes and its lazyload methods. Of course, that means that I have to re-code all of the images on my site with multiple sized variants, so it takes a bit of time. Also, while it's in flight, some of the images will still need to be clicked on to be embiggened. But they are gradually being phased out.

Also, all of my other domains redirect to this one now so it gets crawled as the canonical site.

I'm also generally tidying up code and scripts to improve performance - It's doing quite well on Chrome's built-in Lighthouse diagnostics and performance tool:

Google Lighthouse Dashboard showing 91% for performance, 93% for Accessability, 86% for Best Practices and 100% for Search Engine Optimisation

There is clearly still much work to do, so while I'm beavering away in the background to improve my stats, feel free to send me suggestions for what would be good on the site.

RIP Kirk Douglas

103 wasn't a bad innings for Kirk.

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