Friday Feb 07 2020

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Apple are Bad

In news that will surprise nobody, Apple have been fined by France for the practice of slowing down old iPhones (and not telling anyone that they were doing this). tsk tsk.

Site Refreshed

I've finally finished the hours of converting all my images, iframes and tweets to lazyload (loads the image on demand, rather than loading them all together with the initial page load). Things should be more responsive now and combined with the caching policy, things should be faster.

Bob the Bigot

I have a feeling that you'll be hearing a lot about a totally-made-up-and-not-real character that I shall call Bob. Bob is a Bigot. Be less like Bob.

Bob speaks in a slow drawn Westcountry accent - a bit like a Cornish Droopy. Some of Bob's musings spouted to his colleagues thus far have been:

  • "Well, statistically they (meaning black people) are more likely to commit crimes..."
  • "We should just nuke the French"
  • Something about having to support Syrian refugees
  • "There are only two genders. Fact. (What about Hermaphrodites, Bob?) There's no such thing as a "Gay" gender!" (Who said there was, Bob?)
  • Women shouldn't serve in the armed forces

Why, yes, he is a Tory voter

Why, yes, he did vote for Brexit

Why, yes, he does get all his news from right-wing media - Mainly a Barclay Brothers' rag

**New** Bob the Bigot page

At the request of my daughter, Bob the Bigot now has his own page.

Education is Broked

A childrens elementary school book opened on the page showing bananas on one page and the number 5 on the other. There are six bananas on the page.

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