Saturday Feb 08 2020

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Saturday Feb 08 2020

Comments on the site

OK, a slight departure from my hand-coded website is the new feature of a comment box on the page. I have employed the use of ReplyBox, which is lightweight, easy, contains no ads or fluff, and most of all free (for <10,000 page views per month). It all seems rather good so far.

But you can only have one comment box per page, which has lead to:

New Blog Layout

Because of the limitation of having one comment box per page, and generally because of the length of my Blog page, I've changed the structure so that the latest blog entry is on this page with links to each of the other days' entries.


And, because the comments are linked to the URL of the web page they are on, I couldn't just overwrite blog.html with my latest updates. So, I've had to call the new page by its date and develop some code which updates links and things to redirect/point at the latest blog page. I think it works.

Torpoint Weather

Who picked to locate Torpoint on the weather map rather than Plymouth, a major city?

A national weather map showing the town of Torpoint instead of the next-door city of Plymouth

Fat Dinosaurs

I love this - and who's to say it isn't accurate?

A cartoon representation of what dinosaurs would look like if they were fat.
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