Sunday Feb 09 2020

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Leg Pain

I've been putting off posting this - mainly because I can't believe it's true - my leg appears to be healing have healed!

For those that don't know, since around August 2016, I have been woken up every night with a searing pain in my left leg, which can only be described as "toothache in my femur". Except that over time, it spread from just my femur and randomly used to affect my lower leg also.

When I used to use Facebook, my daily post was often "Leg Hurts." - That was kind of a joke, but also a reminder to myself more than anyone of how long this had gone on for.

But it hasn't woken me up for a few weeks now - and only when I think about it (like now) can I feel it at all!

This damned thing has turned my life upside-down over the last few years.

The torment this insufferable pain has caused me is indescribable.

It caused me to become dependant on alcohol (I have been sober for >1 year now). It caused me to descend into clinically termed, "Moderate Depression" (from which I have recovered). It has caused strains on my relationships with friends and family that I love dearly (I'm so sorry). It almost led to me losing my job and my career (I got lucky).

It almost led to me taking my own life.

But apparently no more? I'm struggling to make sense of it. Obviously, I'm very pleased, relieved, thankful - but what was it? I guess we may never know. That's the thing we always forget - we know a helluva lot about the human body and medicine, but there's still loads that we just don't yet know.

The weird thing is that I had this exact same pain when I was a young child of 4 to 6 years old. The hospitals didn't know then what it was - they passed it off as growing pains. The hospitals now didn't know what it was (but I wasn't growing any more). But then as it has now, it just went.

Here's hoping for another 40+ years without the unknown leg pain. Cheers!

(He says sipping a sparkling water)


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