Tuesday Feb 11 2020

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Etymology of Wharf

Having told lots of people about WHARF, the acronym, over the last couple of days, I did some basic scratching and it looks like Wikipedia is correct.

It says One explanation is that the word wharf comes from the Old English warft or the Old Dutch word werf, which both evolved to mean "yard", an outdoor place where work is done, like a shipyard (Dutch: scheepswerf) or a lumberyard (Dutch: houtwerf). and This could explain the name Ministry Wharf located at Saunderton, just outside High Wycombe, which is nowhere near any body of water.

Also, I found: it’s from Old English and Germanic hwearf, meaning heap or embankment and also to turn.

Which if you follow down the links, goes to wharve.

I fully accept that Wikis fn1 are edited by humans, and humans are idiots (I should know, I am one both ), but it sounds plausible.

Covid-19 (nee Coronavirus from Wuhan)

The current variant of coronavirus that has spread from Wuhan in China now has a name - Covid-19.

I get that it's a killer virus, but it's landed in a very slow news cycle and therefore has exploded in the media. The WHO has said, As a Guardian [newspaper] headline says today, 'Misinformation on the coronavirus might be the most contagious thing about it'. For example, A debunked conspiracy theory, published in British and US tabloid media, linked the virus to a video of a Chinese woman eating bat soup.

In that article, published by The Guardian's opinion section, epidemiologist Adam Kucharski argues that the best way to combat online falsehoods around the virus is to "treat them like a real-life virus".

So, until we get official advice, as always, we can all help by following the basic hygiene techniques of washing your hands often - especially after coughing or sneezing into them - using disposable tissues to blow/wipe your nose, and coughing or sneezing into a tissue and disposing of it. Alcohol hand sanitisers are good in a pinch, but no substitute for proper hand washing

Sox is not amused with your Covid-19 falsehoods

Sox, a Black & white cat, sitting in a box looking unamused.

Stephen Fry's Podcasts

Not just because he's a national treasure, but because they are simply brilliant, I cannot recommend highly enough Stephen Fry's podcasts, Great Leap Years and Seven Deadly Sins. Go and listen to them at once.

Question Asked; Question Answered

A lady asks on Twitter, "What is a pigeon doing in Delhi International Airport?" with a photo of the pigeon. Someone has then created a Twitter account under the name A Pigeon in Delhi International Airport and said, "Mind your own fucking business"

fn1 - We (I) need to start giving Wikis more credit - the idea of group moderation has been proven to work. As soon as some idiot trolls an entry, or some hapless editor makes a genuine mistake, the user community puts it right. Often fairly quickly.

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