Sunday Feb 16 2020

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Brain Fart

An optical illusion. picture of a water droplet on a kitchen floor looks like some kind of eroded crater, but if the picture is rotated 180°, the droplet shows correctly.

You saw that wrong... Click it to rotate it 180°

Some say it's an optical illusion, but of course, it's really just your simian brain having a brain fart.

Webp Images

I use the Webp format for my images on this site. It's a lossless, or lossy (your choice) image format for the modern age with really great filesizes compared to JPEG or PNG (which are both old and creaking a bit). Most modern browsers actively support it, but of course, Apple gives me another reason to dislike them by not supporting it - at all. So, for now, I write code to select the best format for your browser. But I long for the day when Apple follow Microsoft's example and start following IETF standards for a better online experience across devices.

Adult Pate

  • Chicken Pate is made of Chicken
  • Beef Pate is made of Beef
  • Adult Pate is made of...?

A photo taken in Morrisons, Plymouth of three types of Pate for dogs - Beef Pate, Chicken Pate and "Adult" Pate!

Duck-Billed Platypus

The babies are so cute...

A photo of a baby Duck-Billed Platypus is someone's palm. It is very cute.
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