Monday Feb 17 2020

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Rita's Hands

Tesco have a new advertising campaign. I take note and interest in these because a friend from school was once in one of them under a pseudonym.

This one caught my interest in particular because it's on almost every bus-stop in Plymouth.

Rita is holding her Rowdy Enchiladas presumably straight from the oven, in her bare hands!

Her skin must be made of asbestos.

A Tesco advert for "Rita's Rowdy Enchilidas" with the subject, Rita, holding a baking pan presumably straight out of the oven with bare hands!

20200222 Update: As it happens, when you see the pictures up close, Rita has tiny tea towels between her hands and the tray...

RIP Mercedes C180

It looks like my beloved car is soon to be made into cat food tins...

I took her in for repair today to discover that a Pilot Bush in the gearbox has gone, draining the oil from the sealed unit which has left it without a Speed Signal and requiring a Mechatronic (sounds like a 1950's USA Sci-Fi thing) Plate on the Valve Block.

Cost to repair = £800

So I sucked it up and said to do repair it and throw in an MOT while it's there (It's due next month). They called me back and said that everything seems to have fallen apart with it in the last year - a huge list of MOT problems.

Total Cost = £2019

The old girl isn't actually worth that much, so it's time to suck it up and get rid of her. I intend to use her up to the MOT date (keeping the gearbox oil topped up) while I work out what I'm going to do.

RIP Old Girl, RIP

We had 5 years' of great use out of you, and you're still a lovely car, but it's just not worth dropping £2k on a 15-year-old car.

Writing on the Wall

During the last few weeks, the writing has been on the wall for the car - the emergency triangle snapped it's rivets between the stand and the plastic triangle. And, a plastic trim off the rear door sill came off one frosty morning when Josh opened the door.

Oh, and anyone who knows the car knows its distinctive whine from the Supercharger - Yeah, that was a fault - it's not meant to sound like that...

Kim has a new Stole

She was baby-sitting Kalani and Nancy wanted in on the action.

A photo of Kim holding baby Kalani with Nancy, the black and white cat, draped over her shoulder


Kim has competition!

A tweet of a lady with a ginger cat draped over both of her shoulders.

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