Thursday Feb 20 2020

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James Acaster

If Michael Caine and Steve Davis had a love-child, it'd be James Acaster.

Rapper Names

Rapper have ridiculous names nowadays. The other night on the Brit Awards, there was a bloke named after a TV station!

The Hayfield

My grandparents used to own a pub on Mile End Road in the East-end of London. It was called the Hayfield, and was where Ronnie & Reggie Kray left to cross over to The Blind Beggar to kill George Cornell. Ronnie & Reggie used to be patrons of the pub and even used to play with my brother when he was a baby.

Last time I went to visit, the pub had been turned into a restaurant, The Hayfield Masala, which amusingly didn't have an alcohol licence.

London Trip

Kim and I are going to the Big Smoke in a couple of weeks, staying at Canary Wharf and I thought it'd be good to go to the restaurant for a meal.

Google Maps still shows it as the restaurant, but a search for the premises (to book a table) showed that it's now a tool shop!

A Google Streetview image of The Hayfield Masala. An image of the toolshop that used to be The Hayfield Masala nee The Hayfield pub..
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