Sunday 08 Mar 2020

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Week Off

Well, where did that week go? It's flown by.

Oh well, my alarm is back on, ready for the morning...


There is a supposed hysteria around COVID-19 that people are struggling to maintain.

Panic-buying toilet rolls and then attending professional sporting events in a crowd of tens of thousands of people is not rational...

However, I'm glad to see some sense taken by the Formula 1 sport in banning live spectators from the Bahrain Grand Prix.


Kim put out pots of Hand Sanitiser and the sign below on her Burger Van last night. All the hand sanitiser was stolen before Midnight. How sad are these people?

World Health Organisation infographic saying to practise food safety

This has made me angry and disappointed

Disappointed in fellow humans

My disappointment with my fellow humans was deepened when I went to do my weekly shop.

  • The shelves of Toilet Rolls were empty, yet the shelves of Tissues were full.
  • The shelves of Hand Sanitiser were empty, yet the shelves of soap were full.

And then I overheard a woman say that they should buy vodka (the selves were almost empty) because "Alcohol kills coronavirus". 40% alcohol solution will only get coronavirus, or any other microbe, drunk. And you don't want coronavirus on a drunken rampage, do you?

Oh, and 80 proof doesn't equal 80% alcohol by volume (ABV), it equals 40% ABV. Morons.

Tupac Lives

Deepfakes have been around for a while now and they are getting better. The video below shows how a deepfake was made of Tupac Shakur, who died in 1996, rapping in 2020 alongside Snoop Dogg. You may not like rap music and you may not care for the language and marijuana use, but the technology is fascinating.

Like Yin & Yang

Nancy & Lola lying together on a rug like Yin & Yang


It was Jojo's 50th birthday at The Herbert last night. There was some costume weirdness going on...

  • An animated gif of Michelle Young dressed as a Seagull for Jojo's 50th birthdaySeagull Michelle
  • Ali, dressed as a teletubby in a "Come At Me, Bro" poseCome at me, Bro
  • A photo of Georgie Hendy dressed as a Prehistoric Girl and Michelle Young dressed as a SeagullGeorgie & Michelle
  • A photo of Jojo dressed as Catwoman and Michelle dressed as a Seagull for Jojo's 50th Birthday at The HerbertJojo & Michelle
  • A photo of Michelle dressed as a Seagull and Jill dressed as a 60's girl for Jojo's 50th BirthdayMichelle & Jill

Is this the World We Created?

There is No Such Thing as a Psychic

Stop wasting your money on charlatans, hucksters and frauds

There is a HORSE in the Hospital

My daughter sent me this ages ago, but it's still relevant and it's still funny


Some excellent photos of our planet

  • A stunning photo of The EarthEarth
  • A photo of the Earth taken from the MoonThe Earth from its Moon
  • A photo of a hurricane on Earth taken from SpaceA Hurricane from Space

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