Saturday 14 Mar 2020

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I've just realised that the comments box on this site was broken - I've fixed it now (I hope).



When I take stuff out to my compost bin, I open the lid and always announce in a Scottish accent, "Hello Fairytale Creatures!" à la Shrek.

Salutes You Sir

Our hot tap in the bathroom causes the plumbing to groan if it's not opened far enough. The plumbing noise sounds just like the ships horns we can hear from the Dockyard.
When the plumbing noise happens, I've found myself saluting the sink.


On a Saturday morning, I no longer half-open an eye at 0700 and grunt and go back to sleep - A thought enters my head that I quite fancy a cup of tea. It's not a strong desire for tea, but it's enough to make me get out of bed before 0730. I think it's an age thing...


Obviously, you can't help saying COVID-19 to the tune of Come on Eileen...


Coronavirus Bingo Card

Social Distancing

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