Wednesday 18 Mar 2020

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Family Management Plan Page

As most of you are aware, I have set up a special page for the family to get information and the latest guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be accessed here. Please refresh the page often as I haven't learnt how to make it a live feed yet.

Care Model

As I understand it (this isn't official yet, so it's not on the official page yet), the care model is quite simple and entirely sensible.

The population is being categorised into three distinct groups:

  1. The "Young" (<55) and Healthy
  2. Carers, Nurses, Doctors and Emergency Workers
  3. The High-Risk Population

The aim is that currently, Population B will care for Population C, and Population A should avoid the virus, or if not, hopefully get it, recover and develop immunity to it.

Then, should Population B become overrun or ill, then Population A will be called upon to care for Population B and Population C.

I think that it eminently sensible, and a good strategy.

This IS War

All the talk of us in a situation worse than any other peacetime situation is slightly wrong. We ARE at war - Our species is at war against another species, an enemy that is invisible and a bit of an enigma - we don't know enough about this enemy yet. The Enigma machine is running overtime!

This is going to make a huge blockbuster in Hollywood - Imagine Spiderman facing an invisible shapeshifter? Well, we are facing that, and guess what? We don't have superpowers...

COVID-19 is Saving Lives!

Some reports are saying that COVID-19 has saved up to 50,000 deaths from pollution - due to the factories shutting, air traffic shut down and road traffic at a minimum - In shanghai, the sun even came out - the smog has cleared! So, by that measure humanity is in COVID-19's debt...

I've just heard that there are fish in Venice because of the same reason...

None of that has been verified yet.

Prince Phillip

Current rumour going around Social Media is that Prince Phillip has died, but "they" don't want it leaked out during the COVID-19 outbreak...

  1. Ask yourself "Why?" Why don't "they" want it known? Why wouldn't they? Who does that benefit?
  2. Like the moon landings, and JFK, it'd take a lot of people to keep that secret, and humans aren't very good at secrets...
  3. Judging by the photo of him leaving hospital last time, he's been dead about 3 years...

A photo of HRH Prince Phillip leaving hospital

Car Accident

Ironically, on the way home from having my car repaired (Devonshires Garage - Top Garage!), I was rear-ended.

The other side have admitted fault (going too fast, not paying attention) and their insurance has already conceded that it's their fault, not mine.

Anyway, seemingly nobody was hurt at the time, but when I got home, getting out of the car made my back spasm a bit and I've had a headache since - I'm monitoring it - I don't want to go to the doctors or A&E due to COVID-19 and the risk of bringing it home.


Then, this morning, while going to take photos of the car's damage for the insurers, I slipped on the paving slabs outside our gate and twisted my knee and grazed it and punched the kerb stone hurting my finger. I think my dignity was more hurt as I went down like a sack of shit...and that's all on the estate's CCTV...

A photo taken after I had slipped on the paving slabs outside my house
Slippers did what it says on the tin


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Leader of the Free World...


A meme of the things Donald Trump has said about the COVID-19 pandemic
He's an idiot.

From the Daughter

How do you tell the difference between a plumber and a chemist?

Ask them to pronounce "unionised"

Thomas the Tank Engine

Home of Rock

It is fairly well known that Ringo Starr narrated the first series of Thomas the Tank Engine cartoons.

Less well known is that the model maker of the trains, was Tim Staffell.

Tim Staffell was in a band called Smile. He left smile, and the guitarist and drummer brought in a new lead singer.

The new lead singer, some bloke called Freddie Mercury, wanted to change the name of the band to Queen.

Tim Staffell went on to make model trains for Ringo Starr to narrate over...

Thomas the Tank Engine - Home of Rock.


On My Evening Walk

A photo taken on my evening walk of a statue (I think) of someone going over their handlebars of a bicycle. The thing is on top of someone's garage
When you see it...

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