Tuesday 24 Mar 2020

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Day 1 of Lockdown

Well, this is it boys, this is war - Nena or later, Fun

Although I've been working from home, because of Teri, since last Monday, the Government-imposed lockdown that came into effect last night has made this seem somehow more real.

I must admit to going out before the lockdown to get Kim vodka to keep her going for 30 minutes a couple of weeks. But I did practice social distancing.

Kim had been doing a pretty good job of social distancing with her friends - taking her own drinks (inc coffee) and sitting in their gardens at least 2 metres apart in a triangle. Washing hand regularly and generally not touching each others' stuff. But, alas, that now has to stop also.

I've been fine - working from home is actually bloody hard - you end up spending far more time at your computer than you would in the office, almost feeling guilty about making a cuppa or expunging that cuppa later. It's weird, but you feel that you need to be there to answer anyone at any time. In the office you'd ignore the company mobile if you're in trap 2, or even making a coffee. You'd stop and chat to other people in the office and generally socialise. At home, it feels like you do 8 solid hours at the keyboard, and at the end of the day, feeling guilty for closing down the laptop, you are bloody knackered!

Top Tip: Force yourself away from the keyboard/screen regularly (once an hour) and force yourself to do some stretching or other exercise at lunchtime.

But the day has just flown by, and by the time I'd cooked dinner (Arroz con Pollo) and started writing this, it's 19:00 and I need to get ready for our evening walk...

Prison Exercise Yard

It's desolate out there. All of the Chinese takeaways we passed were shut, but I don't know if that's a Tuesday thing? Our local Chinese always shuts on a a Tuesday - Quietest day or religious? In fact in our 3.5 miles walk, we only saw one Chippy open and the Co-op.

Devonport Park is open, but the communal play areas are cordoned off:

A photo of red & white official tape covering the enterance to the kiddies communual part of Devonport Park
No Play Area


I thought the other day about the unintended side-effects of lockdown being the amount of people not visiting hairdressers or barbers. My own clippers have even packed up.

Kim won't let me attempt to cut hers...

So, I decided that I'm going to go full "Castaway" and just let it grow wild. I shall produce a photo documentary of my progress and see how ridiculous a balding middle-aged obese man can look with wild hair!

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 1 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 1

OK, so this one I took on Sunday, but forgot to post it on here, so although this is Day 1, you'll get my next one (remember I'm doing it every 3 days) tomorrow...Deal with it.

Not Bad

Remember, while you're bored in lockdown, you probably have running fresh water, a roof over your head and plentiful food. You are extremely fortunate. If you're reading this, you have an internet connection. No matter how bad this gets, you aren't having to walk miles in one flip-flop to drink from a muddy puddle - there are many, many people who had to do that today just to stay alive1.

Take a look at Sunday's blog post for a powerful statement called "Some People"

  1. I obviously have no idea about individual footwear situations, but I was reading in Factfulness2 by Hans Rosling about a midwife in Africa who's daughter could now go to college, but her next wish was for a pair of shoes and a flash-light so that she could walk to the huts she served at night without stumbling on a snake barefoot.
  2. Honestly, one of absolute best books you could read during this pandemic. Please read it.

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