Thursday 26 Mar 2020

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Day 3 of Lockdown

No cough; No fever on the home front.

I wonder if the animals are wondering what the hell is going on with the hairless apes?

Polly-com Device

(Polycom are a de facto supplier of teleconference and videoconference technology to businesses)

A photo of a Bud sitting on Mark's head while he's on a business call
Working From Home on Polly-com
A photo of a Bud sitting on Mark's head while he's on a business call
Security Risk?

Instant Testing Available!

Shelves are being filled

A photo of a New European article about Supermarket Toilet Roll Shelves being filled with copies of The Daily Mail
Might I also suggest The Sun and Plymouth Evening Herald?

MP backlash over EU ventilator scheme

BBC News

The government is facing a backlash from MPs for not joining an EU scheme to get extra ventilators during the coronavirus outbreak.

This WILL change us

As a society, we will change due to this pandemic - we have to. All the World Leaders said that Climate Targets for emissions couldn't be met in 10/20 years. Mother Nature pops up and says, "I bet you can..." - And we did. Almost overnight!

Of course, the US and China will probably go back to being the smokers lungs, but the rest of the World should stop, take pause, and really think about it.

Remote working should become the norm - I'm getting flippin' loads done! My productivity is through the roof - It's bloody knackering mind - I'm looking forward to going back to work in some ways, but it shows that we can do it. The dinosaurs in the workplace are being forced to use the technology that they've had for years and ignored. Of course, a major part of my day is now taken up giving tutorials or writing idiots guides for people...

But I hope we don't have to queue around the car parks in winter!

A photo of a queue of people practising social distancing while queuing for Morrisons, Outland Road, Plymouth
Social Distance Queuing


I hope people will realise how bloody good the NHS is - our NHS - and I hope that people will stop voting for those parties that just want to gut the NHS. Those parties that have been chipping away at it for years hoping to make it fail so that we moan about it so much that they can take it away without civil unrest. Those parties who just care about going to the US model of private healthcare, ridiculous insurance and astronomical prescription drug charges.
Please vote to save our NHS

Coronavirus: Britain should look to France to see real leadership

The New European

Former Conservative Party adviser BARNABY TOWNS says it is Emmanuel Macron showing real leadership during the coronavirus epidemic.

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