Monday 30 Mar 2020

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Day 7 of Lockdown

Tiger King

Boris the Bullshitter

Our Prime Minister has been sacked at least three times for lying. Actually sacked from his job because of the seriousness of his lies - these aren't little white fibs...

So now, having told us he's suffering from the coronavirus, COVID-19, he gives proclamations from the safety of videoconference.

Yet, where is the sustained dry cough? He hasn't coughed once in his videos so far.

I predict that he'll make a miraculous recovery and harp on about the British "Bulldog" Spirit and how we can rally against this virus that I doubt very much he has had...

We didn't start the Virus

Gardening Leave

Hmmmm, I wondered what Kim was doing with that shovel...

A photo of a grave-shaped holw dug in a back yard, with the slogan "Day 7 of the quarantine. My wife took up gardening but won't tell me what she's going to plant"

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