Thursday 02 Apr 2020

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Day 10 of Lockdown

RIP Eddie Large

He sadly passed away today from COVID-19 coronavirus.

Crimes Against Pasta

I never realised that some people rinse pasta after cooking it?
It's among other crimes in this great article.

Intellectual Prowess

Exhibit A

A screenshot from Neil DeGrasse-Tyson's Twitter @NeilTyson saying "When Isaac Newton stayed at home to avoid the 1665 plague, he discovered the laws of gravity, optics, and he invented calculus.
Sir Isaac Newton

Exhibit B

A photo of a Aubergine (Egg Plant for non-English speakers) with two peaches arranges in a cock and ball layout

What is Sox thinking?

She always has this look on her face...

A photo of Sox in the basket on our Cat Tree

Some Typo Mistake

I was reminded tonight of a time a colleague made an enormous typo...

When I was in an old job, I had an office which opened out onto the floorplate of the Supply Chain folks – mainly women – and I somehow became a bit of an agony aunt and someone in a Senior Management position they felt they could talk to.

One day, Tina came in to see me, almost in tears. She was beside herself with anxiety. I calmed her down and asked what the problem was. She showed me the email – the snot-a-gram that she had sent to a supplier who had cocked something up royally…

I read the email – it was certainly stern and straight to the point, but it seemed reasonable under the circumstances and I didn’t, at first, see why it had upset her so much.

…until I read her sign-off. Now, I use Kind Regards, but she used Regards…

And the ‘g’ is right next to the ‘t’ on the QWERTY keyboard.

So after giving them a bit of a royal rollicking, she had basically signed off by saying “Retards. Tina”!

I could see why she was so upset, so I offered to call them (which I did) to put things right…

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