Saturday 04 Apr 2020

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Day 12 of Lockdown

I've ordered a Chicken and an Egg from Amazon - I'll let you know...


I was just creating today's page and I have reruns of Red Dwarf playing on Dave.

Lister and the Cat1 were having a conversation about how Lister finds Wilma Flintstone attractive. Lister asks the Cat if he'd ever go with Betty. the Cat says, "Betty Rubble? Yeah, sure I'd go with Betty but I'd be thinking of Wilma"

I called out the Cat's line just before he said it.

Why do we remember random stuff like that, even though it's been 30-odd years since I saw the episode?


Our Black Death

Just as we remember the Black Death Bubonic Plague outbreak of 1665, which killed a third of the population of Europe, people (if we survive) will remember this COVID-19 coronavirus into the future.

Imagine if the WHO hadn't alerted us to the outbreak in Wuhan, China?

Imagine if we didn't know about microbiology, or have epidemiology as a science?

The people of London, England and the whole of Europe didn't have that advantage in 1665. In London, it took the Great Fire of 1666 to stop the progress of Bubonic Plague.

We may be fortunate in that we understand viruses, contagion and disease. We have been alerted and informed of the spread by scientists, epidemiologists and the serious media.

We are better equipped than at any point in history to deal with this pandemic. We have data, models and computers powerful enough to do the analyses of billions of data points to predict how the virus will spread. We update those datasets to adapt to the different variable changes we make in our behaviour. This informs our decision making on what we should do next.

The information revolution may be the only thing that saves our species.

For the first time in my lifetime, I am seeing the whole world - the whole of my species, Homo Sapiens, pulling together to combat and stop the spread of this invisible enemy that literally takes our breath away.

Unfortunately, it's exploiting our poor lungs - those who are smokers or smoked all their lives are at highest risk. We all have bad lungs from the amount of pollution in the air. Now that will weaken us against this terror.

Can we all do better if we survive this? Can we value the cleanliness of the air that we breathe?

Now, do as the scientists and other experts tell you to do. Ignore almost anything Donald Trump says - He's a moron and he'll be gone soon.

So, please:

  • Stay Home
  • Protect the NHS
  • Save Lives

And for the love of our species, please go and Wash Your Hands again.

Stay Safe


“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” hails the “Heroes of the Pandumbic” in a critical new montage that features footage of prominent conservatives - including President Donald Trump - who for weeks played down the threat of the coronavirus.


  1. I met Danny John-Jules who played the Cat when I went to see the original cast of Starlight Express - He played Boxcar Rocky I. I had found my way into a back corridor of the Apollo Victoria theatre, looking for a toilet and Danny came out of the Green Room and kindly gave me directions to the toilet - I didn't realise that he was the Cat at the time.

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