Tuesday 07 Apr 2020

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Day 15 of Lockdown

87% of gym members don’t even know their gym is closed.

Stupid Americans

Yep, they are buying more guns.

Stupid Brits

I tore down a poster yesterday in Devonport Park asking you to go to a website to learn "The Truth" about 5G and Coronavirus.

Then, there's this idiot...

For the record of my webpage. I have a Degree in Telecommunications, but I don't work in telecommunications any more, so have no financial incentives to air any views.

I was also an EMT, which is the level below Paramedic (paraparamedic?), so have more medical training than most people and I have intubated someone (put a tube into their lungs) under supervision.

I have been Chief Engineer of two disparate disciplines for a FTSE100 company. I take Engineering & Science very seriously. I take a firm interest in medicine.

There is NO link between 5G mobile technologies and COVID-19, the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

Firstly, the Coronavirus is a biological virus. That is not the same as a computer virus. The only similarity is that they need a host system and they can spread rapidly. Other than that, biological viruses cannot be spread in wires or by radio waves (5G).

Secondly, the 5G masts and/or antennas will not alter your immune system in such a way as to make you more susceptible to a Coronavirus. While it is true that micro radio waves (microwaves) do heat up cellular bodies (that's how the microwave works in your kitchen), the power output of a 5G mast is tiny in comparison and the further you are away from it, the power level drops dramatically (It's an Inverse Square Law). To change your body temperature, you'd have to stand under a 5G antenna all day, and even in the shade, the natural temperature variances of the day far outweigh any heating effect of the 5G transmitter.

You are more likely to materially change your immune system by skipping breakfast, or not getting enough sleep.

Also, what about places like Iran who have 58,226 (reported) cases? They hardly have any 4G masts and ZERO 5G masts, yet they have the 7th most cases of anywhere on Earth! How did 5G do that, then?

Please, please STOP believing, and worse, sharing this plainly nonsense misinformation. Conspiracy theories have rarely turned out to be true...

Stay Safe. And now, wash your hands again, just in case I've transmitted a Coronavirus to you through your screen! Hmmm? Hmmmmmm?

Test centre for healthcare workers opens in Plymouth

Rebecca Thorn - BBC News Online
A photo of Plymouth Medical and Technology Park with A temporary coronavirus test centre for health and care workers which has been set up in Plymouth.
Temporary coronavirus test centre for health and care workers in Plymouth.

A temporary coronavirus test centre for health and care workers has been set up in Plymouth.

The site opened on the Plymouth Medical and Technology Park on Tuesday and will initially test key staff who are self-isolating.

It will not be open to the public and visits by healthcare workers must be pre-booked.

The NHS says the aim is to get employees back to work as quickly as possible to ease pressure on their colleagues.

The first groups to be tested will be workers in critical care, A&E, ambulance services, GP surgeries and social care.

The NHS said currently 150 staff could be tested in a day, rising to 250 each day by the end of the week.

Other drive-through centres will be set up across the South West during April, a spokesman said.

Dr Julie Yates, Public Health Consultant and lead for staff testing with NHS England, said: “We know the South West has fewer covid cases than London and other parts of the country, but the number is rising.

The testing centre will help us take maximum advantage of the extra time to prepare, to get staffing levels back up in our hospitals and community teams."

Bud is Brooding

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Cat Burglar

A tweet of a guy who lost a cat, thought he found it and brought it home. Then his real cat turned up...

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