Wednesday 08 Apr 2020

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Day 16 of Lockdown

If you’re ever wondering if you and your SO are on the same page fold a large blanket together. You’ll have your answer quickly.

Rest In Peace, Mo

Today, we lost the first person that I personally knew to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Rest In Peace, Maureen "Mo" Body...

Hay Bale Fires & COVID-19 Coronavirus

When I was a firefighter, one of the hardest things to extinguish was a bale of hay/straw. I won't go into the science, but it has a massive surface area because of the individual strands.
Anyway, you'd absolutely douse it in water or whatever and when you thought it was fully contained and fully extinguished, a couple of burning embers located close to each other would just start the whole thing off again and you'd be back to square one with a fully involved hay bale firefight again...

COVID-19 will be like that. We will get complacent and we will think we've got it contained. Remember it started with one or two people, and when we think we're all sorted, there'll be one or two carriers (burning embers) who unbeknownst to them start the spread all over again - and the whole world will have to stop and fight it again.

We MUST see out the lockdowns properly, because the better we do it, the sooner we can get out of it.

(By the way, you have to totally rip apart the hay bale until you can practically see every strand...let's not get to that point, eh?)

Bud is getting broody

You can't see it properly in this pic, but she's nestling into my chest

A photo of a Bud sitting on Mark's chest, brooding
Bud Brooding

Data Mining & Social Engineering

A meme of socialmedia posts which ask your favourite colur, pet's name etc. saying, "Stop filling out these things and giving your memorable information to people who use it for social engineering"
Social Engineering 101


A photo of a fat cat lyingon its back in various poses
I'm pretty sure I'm a bad influence on my cat


A photo of a bowl of pasta with milk on it
Do you guys put the pasta or the milk in first?

The Symptoms

A photo of a man having his hearing checked with the doctor asking himto describe the symptoms - he say "Marge has blue hair, and Homer is fat"

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