Saturday 11 Apr 2020

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Day 19 of Lockdown

Did you know, if you keep a pie in each hand, you can’t accidentally touch your face.


Yesterday evening, my Dad was taken into hospital after suffering a stroke. He has movement in his affected side, but his sense of feeling is diminished "Like when a dentist's injection starts to wear off - tingling".

Paul and I are working out a plan - we can't visit him in hospital, but he has his phone and charger.

We are taking turns to feed/look after Trevor (his cat).

Updates to follow...

Houston, we have a problem

Today marked the 50th Anniversary of NASA's most famous "Successful Failure" - The Apollo 13 mission.

Disaster Movies

A photo of a placard saying that all disaster movies start with the government ignoring a scientist
About right


A photo of a little tikes kiddie car crashed into bent and buckled armco barriers at the side of the road, with the question, "How fast was the little bastard going?"
That's some speed...

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