Monday 13 Apr 2020

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Day 21 of Lockdown

Ask not what staying home on the couch can do for you, but what staying home on the couch can do for your country.


My fears are being realised - people are getting lax about social distancing and remaining at home.

People are passing so close to me (when I can't move out the way of them) that they are brushing against me.

Some people don't realise that the cordoned off bits of Morrison's car park are for the queue to snake it's way around - they just cut through at the top bit and leave everyone behind them to stand in the roadway...

I see people stopping and chatting to others while they are walking - always less than 2m apart.

This will result in us either not coming out of lockdown as fast as we all want, or if we do, we will have a rebound straight back into it because people will be infectious still and start spreading it wildly again.


One of the things that's struck me during this pandemic and lockdown is the resilience of nature and how it springs (literally) back almost as soon as humans stop touching it. I fully realise that it is Spring and things are growing afresh anyway - especially in this great weather we are having - but the rate at which daisies and dandelions are growing on the un-mown verges and patches of grass around the town and cities is amazing, and I actually think it looks rather beautiful.

The photo below was captured by my brother, Paul Smith.

A photo of a dandelion crown in full bloom
Dandelion Head Paul Smith

Driving from Dad's house in Torpoint around the Saltash Bridge route to take supplies up to Dad in Derriford Hospital, we met many unfazed critters and birds just milling about on the roads as if humans or cars had never been there.

It reminds me that we are not top, or anywhere near the top of the natural world, and when the species once known as Homo Sapiens shuffles off this mortal coil, nature will take over.

When we speak of environmental concerns and destroying the Earth, we actually mean destroying the status quo - The Earth will carry on, and it really, truly, belongs to the very, very small creatures, bacteria, and insects...

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