Thursday 16 Apr 2020

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Day 24 of Lockdown

Which word do you think would make a pretty baby name if it didn’t mean what it meant? I’m going with Omelette.

Inter-Species Garlic Breath

On Tuesday, after sorting dad's house out a bit, we had a lazy dinner of Chicken Kievs, Chips & Peas.
When we have meat, Kim always saves some back for the cats and for Bud (the parrot).
On Wednesday, when (s)he1 came down for his/her morning cuddle yesterday, I could really smell the garlic on his/her breath!

What's even more odd about that is that I had eaten just as much (more) garlic than (s)he had, so why was I able to detect it so strongly?


More oxygen in the atmosphere's mix means that critters can grow larger. At the time of the Dinosaurs, there was about 10% more oxygen in the air.

Brontos were pretty damn big!

A photo of a man cleaning off a Brontosaurus femur at a dig site
Brontosaurus Femur


Tonight, I cooked a lamb curry with our leftover slow-cooked lamb from yesterday's dinner.

The recipe called for a blended paste of Onions, Ginger and Garlic.

While it was cooking,m I could hardly open my eyes!

A photo of Mark's face crying and eyes squinting from the vapours from frying onions, ginger and garlic
Onions are strong this month...

Throwback Thursday

A photo of Kim holding a Happy Shopper paper bag from around 1980 that we found in my dad's kitchen
Shappy Hopper

  1. Bud had always been a "him" to us. It's why my mum called him Bud. And we've told him that HE's a good BOY, etc. all of his life.
    Then, 2 years ago, we found an egg in the bottom of "her" cage...
    But the strongest known force in the universe is, of course, the Force of Habit, and we still called "him" a "him". Hey, it's 2020 and genders are fluid...

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