Monday 20 Apr 2020

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Day 28 of Lockdown

The longer I stay home, the more homeless I look


My dad came home from hospital today after his stroke. He's been in there 10 days. He's actually very, very lucky with his stroke -it was a full stroke, not just a TIA.

His movement is surprisingly good - he was able to climb the stairs and come back down without help (but a stairlift is being fitted tomorrow) and he says that feeling is returning to his hand.

I'm glad he's home (and so is Trevor, his cat)

A photo of Trevor welcoming Dad back from hospital
Trevor welcoming Dad home

Trevor's first venture outside

Actually, these photos are from his 2nd venture outside - I accidentally let him out about an hour before these pictures (and then because he came in at the first calling, I decided to introduce him to Dad's (overgrown because I haven't mown it while he was in hospital) garden.

  • Trevor
  • Trevor
  • Trevor
  • Trevor
  • Trevor

Nurse Surprise

Mandy the local STEPS nurse visited dad this evening. I made sure I was at his house when she arrived. But it was getting late and I was worried that she wasn't going to turn up.

Well, she did arrive rather late, dressed in full PPE (Mask, Gloves, Apron, etc.) and told us that she'd been given the wrong address!

She'd rocked up at No. 5 (Dad is No. 26) and frightened the life out of them when they answered the door during a pandemic to a woman in full PPE!!

Now, that's funny!

Bud Egg

Bud left us a present in his (well, her, obviously) cage...

A photo of a Bud's egg'
Bud's Egg


A photo of Mark and Andy Reid circa 1988 goofing around in a photo booth
Mark and Andy Reid circa 1988

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