Wednesday 22 Apr 2020

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Day 30 of Lockdown

I'm pretending. That way, when it comes time to tend, I'll be ready.


Dad seems to be settling in back at home.

I am absolutely amazed and humbled by how good the NHS and Social Services have been.

He's had loads of useful equipment delivered already, Cornwall Council have fitted a Stannah Stairlift already, he has someone coming soon to fit bath/shower rails and a rail for his steps to the garden and provide him with a garden-friendly walking frame!

Trevor (his cat) is really glad to have him home - he's really chirpy and cuddly toward Dad.

Trevor meets World

Talking of Trevor, on Monday afternoon, I researched how to introduce cats to the outdoors after they've had their initial quarantine in a new house.

I went out with him the first few times and he'd come back in the door. I then left the extension window open for him and a stool to enable him to jump up. After a little coaxing he used it and yesterday he was coming in an out via the window completely naturally.

Just as I was about to close the window this evening, he went out. I went looking for him and couldn't find him anywhere. I shook food and treat packets, jangled my keys (that worked yesterday), and even stood at the door like an idiot shouting "Trevor, Trevor" and making psst, psst, psst, psst noises.


I pretended I wasn't worried and told Dad that he'd be back in soon. So I left for the evening.

While i was on the ferry home, Dad txt me that Trevor was back in now...

I think we've cracked it and he's OK to go out everyday now.

I'm a happy step-dad...


We are in danger of rushing in to a vaccine situation, or a hope that may just be impossible to realise.

In the 1980s, scientists predicted that we would have a vaccine for HIV within weeks or months of the massive outbreak.
Nearly 40 years on, we still don't have a vaccine for HIV/AIDS.

Then comes the issue of rushing to release vaccine before it's fully tested - while it wasn't a vaccine per se, we must remember that Thalidomide was released without fully testing it and we endured thousands of deformed babies in the next generation. We must not let that happen again by rushing a vaccine through.


I realised tonight that I'd been using these blog pages to post memes, when I have a perfectly good memes page just for that sort of thing.

I've added a couple of new ones this evening.

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