Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

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Day 37 of Lockdown

Now I've lived through a time of plague, I totally get why most Italian Renaissance paintings are just people laying around with their boobs out.

Haters see me Folding

I have a few old boxen lying around the house and I've decided to put the unused processing power to use to help find a cure or vaccine for COVID-19.

Folding@Home is an app that runs on your device (or, in my case, on some VMs) and uses the unused processing power to crunch some numbers in aid of the COVID-19 cause.

Visit their site to see how it all works, and download the client and put your machine to use to fight COVID-19...

Note: Whilst the app is free, there's an obvious price to pay for the electricity used, which with higher processor usage will be higher than normal (but only pennies).

Boyertown Area Middle School East

Meanwhile, 4000 miles away, a middle (junior) school in Pennsylvania is using Google Forms to generate the attendance register while the kids are in lockdown.

Unfortunately, one of the students, who has a name similar to mine, has the wrong email address in his head - he's using mine and I keep getting emails from the school.

I've contacted the school and they've said that they are going to deal with it.

The school name rang a bell with me and I checked it on Google Maps - I've been to that school! It was for a Firefighter event or sports day or something, but I've definitely been there. It's only down the road (Rt100) from our old houses in Emmaus and New Tripoli.

Small World innit?

Heads it is

An old photo and I'd always wondered, but never knew...

A photo of a fully excavated Easter Island "Head" showing the full torso with the hands clasped under the belly.
Fully Excavated Easter Island "Head"

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