Thursday 30 Apr 2020

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Day 38 of Lockdown

All of our dogs think we are staying home every day just for them, and all of our cats are thinking we got fired from our jobs because we are the losers they always knew we were.


Day 39 of the Wild Hair & Beard experiment.

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 39 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 39


I said what I thought was an inspired and thought provoking phrase on a call earlier.
I record it here for prosperity...

Intelligence isn't demonstrated through the use of a complex lexicon.
Intelligence is shown by using simple words to explain complex things...

Dad Skills

I had one of those occasions today that I wish others had been around to see.

I was filling my newly returned car with fuel and because I was paying using the app (social distancing to the max!), I wasn't overly concerned about the exact sum of money - I've learned not to care about that if I'm not using cash - It doesn't matter and with the cost of fuel now, it's difficult to get it bang on a round pound.

So I was kind of looking around, thinking that I wanted to put in about half a tank which I figured would be around £40 (in pre-lockdown prices) and when I thought it was about right, still not facing the pump, I just let go of the trigger...

A screenshot of the fuel receipt showing that I had landed on exactly £40.00
Nobody around to see the dad skills that oozed from me...


Underlying Conditions

I was reflecting earlier on the early news of the first deaths in the UK (and elsewhere) where they said that the victims all had "Underlying Health Conditions".

That's actually a nothing statement - it doesn't really tell us anything. It conveys no useful information.

Was the underlying condition COPD, Heart Failure or just Hayfever?

And, for COVID-19, is "just" hayfever actually a bloody serious condition?

Hayfever is an allergy, and like a peanut allergy, it can cause anaphylaxis, although severe anaphylaxis due to pollen is rare. People are more likely to suffer from hayfever (allergic rhinitis) as a result of inhaling tress or grass pollen.

But that possibility of anaphylaxis combined with a disease that causes inflammation of the lungs, and surely hayfever is a serious underlying condition?

So, I think that the term Underlying Condition is bogus.

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says UK is past the peak of outbreak

What!?! Boris Johnson has said that the UK is past the peak of outbreak of COVID-19.

I just don't see how he can state that. Sure, hospital deaths are on the downturn, but only today, our official numbers started including those deaths outside of hospitals - in care homes etc. It jumped to 4,419 deaths today!

We have literally no idea how many people have it. We have no idea if having had it, if people will get it again, and if so, how soon? We have failed to get to the government's own target of 100,000 tests today. This is an abject failure but where is the outrage? Can you imagine if a Labour or Lib Dem government had promised that and failed?


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