Tuesday 05 May 2020

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Day 43 of Lockdown

OK. Who decided to call it "marijuana possession" and not "joint custody"?

Happy Cinco de Mayo


As you know, I'm letting my hair and beard grow wild during this lockdown.

However, I've just trimmed my moustache for the 2nd time because I'm just not sure that it's got the message that it's meant to stop growing once it hits my lips...

It goes over my top lip and I find it going into my mouth - by the evening, it's a soggy brush of hair sitting on the top of my bottom lip.

On occasion, I find some ketchup or food particles which enables me to have an impromptu snack, but other than those positives, it's just bloody annoying.

Anyway, who wants a kiss?


Teri is in hospital with her stomach again, and this evening we took out some supplies for her.

On the way home, i noticed that one lane of Tavistock Road is closed for roadworks and I thought, "That's a great idea - why don't they do ALL of the roadworks while we are in lockdown, which will give all the road workers sustained income also?"

It seems like the logical thing to do, surely?

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