Friday 08 May 2020

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Day 46 of Lockdown

Does Light Machine Oil still work on heavy machines?

Sign of the Times

This billboard poster went up just before we went into lockdown.

I think there's something poignant about the way it has dilapidated and its unknowing message...

A photo of a biilboard advert for McDonal's with the caption "Nothing Lasts Forever" The sign is dilapidated and peeling.
Nothing Lasts Forever


I found this exactly 1km into my evening walk

A photo of a plaque on a wall saying "On this day in 1832 nothing happened"
Nothing Happened

VE Day 75

I write this the day after VE Day 75 because I didn't want people to think that I was somehow against VE Day and its celebration.

VE stands for Victory in Europe, not victory over Europe, and I think people are forgetting this.
I see Union flags, St George flags, White Ensigns, etc. lining the houses and the streets and that's fine and to be commended as long as we understand that the VE was a collaborative effort of the majority of Europe which came together to fight the evil Axis countries.

Sure, it was lead by the USA, Russia, China and Great Britain, but those countries were by no means the only ones fighting on the side of the Allies.

And did you know that the articles of surrender were actually submitted at 02:45 on the 6th May?

The Allies just wanted to present a united message at 1000 Washington Time, 1500 London time, and 1600 Moscow time.

Populist Enemy

The Axis countries were formed by Right-Wing populism, much like we see in the US and UK today.
They wanted a master "Race" of people, the Arians, and wanted to wipe other religions from the face of the Earth - The Jews bore the horrific brunt of that insanity, and the rumbling undertones of the current Right-Wing in Britain suggests that the Muslims (or anyone brown skinned) will be the target. Why? As far as I can tell, it's because they are drip fed bigoted populism from our government and their daily "comics"...

I fear that most people celebrating VE Day were being jingoistic and xenophobic in their celebrations - thinking that British Bulldog spirit won the war. Not realising that many, many Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and people of other religions fought for the Allies.

VE Day is a celebration of Europe coming together, and yet 17.4m people in my country can't see that being together with Europe is of greater benefit than being apart.

Hitler's Pope

How dare the Catholic Church celebrate VE Day!?!?

The Catholic Church pinned their support to Nazi Germany and condoned the holocaust. They actually had a Pope paid for, and fully supportive of Hitler and the Nazi movement.

How anyone can describe the church as a force of good is absolutely mind blowing.

The Atlantic has one of the many articles on the subject. I also encourage you to see Christopher Hitchens' portrayal of the Catholic Church during WW11.

And let's not forget that the Daily Mail wrote to Hitler welcoming and supporting the Nazi movement in Britain...


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