Monday 11 May 2020

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Day 49 of Lockdown

When quarantine is over, let’s not tell some people.


Blimmin' 'eck it's cold out!

A strong wind from the North East is brining Arctic air down across the country with the wind chill making a seemingly nice day rather frigid. A "Feels like" of 6°C. Brrrrr

Chief Engineer

Five years ago today, in 2015, I became the Chief Engineer of a FTSE100 company. I was Chief ILS Engineer, or Chief Engineer - Equipment Management (depending who/what day you asked). I later went on to become the Chief Software Engineer, becoming the first person in the company to hold the Chief Engineer post in two disparate disciplines.

What's Wrong With Your Cats?

A selfie photo of Nancy the cat slung up across Mark's shoulder
Nancy's feeling better then...
A photo of a Sox sitting half on the back of the sofa and half on the windowsill - watching cars go by...
That can't be comfortable, Sox?

COVID-19 Lockdown Easing

So, from Wednesday this week, an easing of the lockdown rules comes in - yet the messaging has been so muddled that nobody actually knows what they are supposed to do.

Attend Work?

My employer had to send out a rapidly concocted message via email and text to say to everyone to NOT COME IN unless your line manager has specifically told you to attend work - despite what the Idiot Prime Minister of our country says!

I'm fairly sure that I'll be working from home for the foreseeable future and then I imagine we'll have maybe a "meeting day" once a week (or more) to attend the office and then return home - once it's safe to do that, of course.

I was just reading about a poor young mum whose husband is away in the army. Her boss has told her to be in at 0800 this morning and she asked about her 6-year-old with no school and her 2-year-old with no nursery - and no childcare for them both. She was threatened with the sack if she didn't turn up.

Face Masks Advised

From Wednesday, wearing face masks will be advised. Advised? So is it mandatory? Will we be refused entry to do our shopping? Oh, it's "urged"! WTF does that mean?

What kind of face mask do we need? Will the government be issuing them, or do we have to pay the profiteer's prices on Amazon to get our own? If I make one, who judges it to be sufficient to gain me entry to the Supermarket?

A photo of a lady on a bus with a mask on - it's a party mask that just covers her eyes
To ride this bus, you must wear a mask

If only our government had some sort of plan for dealing with pandemics - oh, wait...

Stay Home Alert

(Insert obligatory Your Country needs lerts joke here)

To quote Nicola Sturgeon, What does that mean?

All Part of Our Plan We don't have a Plan

And then Boris outlined his plan by saying that he didn't have a plan - he's going to suck-it-and-see if we get a spike in deaths from this lockdown easing. Brilliant! Well done Boris! Let's see how many poor bastards die!

Only a couple of people have died in this burning building in the last few minutes, so let's all traipse back in and see if anyone else dies!

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