Tuesday 12 May 2020

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Day 50 of Lockdown

If I use furlough money to buy baby chickens, does this mean we get money for nothing and chicks for free?‬

Happy Birthday, Siobhan

17 years ago today, 3399.72 miles and 5 hours from where I was sleeping, my daughter, Siobhan, popped into the world.

Happy Birthday Siobhan, I love you squillions xxxx

Today I Learned

What Burdock is...

I can't quite believe that I've lived 45 years without ever questioning what exactly the second ingredient in Dandelion & Burdock is...

Then I saw this:

A screenshot of a meme showing burdock seeds on someone's sleeve
Pretty sure Burdock still exists

And then a quick Google image search, and I now know what those things are called and what Burdock is!

Mind. Blown.

Vettel Out

Is Sebastian Vettel one of F1's Greats?

I'm just going to come out and say it - I don't think Sebastian Vettel is one of the Formula 1 greats.

I think he's a very, very good driver.

However, he's one of those drivers who massively benefited from a great car (Red Bull for 4 seasons), and couldn't really do the business once he was is an average, or good car.

I think Andrew Benson's article here is a good summary. Andrew has pulled his punches a bit - as if he's expecting Seb to read it and be pissed off at him.

I will also say that over the years I have warmed to Seb, his sense of humour and his erudite manner.

But one of F1's greats? No. Not for me. Sorry Seb.

Junk Mail

One of the occupational hazards of being named Mark Smith is that I get signed up to all kinds of mailing lists - M Smith is just one that you accept will be top of the spam lists.

So I was particularly bemused to start getting email from Donald Trump himself, yesterday! And today he's told me - ME! - His highlighting, not mine! - that I've been chosen to receive one of ONLY 50 doormats from his campaign for $75. Yes, a doormat for $75...

What's worrying is that some people will believe this and think that there are only 50 doormats left and will jump at the chance to spend $75 to get one...smh

A screenshot of a Trump campaign email that arrived advertising a doormat for $75
Trump Email
A screenshot of a Trump campaign email that arrived advertising a doormat for $75

Tory COVID-19 Slogan

My favourite so far:

A meme of the latest Tory COVID-19 slogan with false lyrics fromt he song, Aplha Cookie

4th July?

Why has July 4th - a Saturday - been chosen as a possible date to reopen public places? It's not our Independence Day...We don't celebrate that. We lost that war..


A good article in the Economist on the recent war games inside Russia's backyard...


Day 51 of the Wild Hair & Beard experiment.

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 51 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 51

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