Friday 15 May 2020

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Day 53 of Lockdown

I signed up for a zoom workout class that was too advanced so when the instructor said “do a plank and bring your knee to the opposite elbow,” I did a modified version where I turned off my computer and made pancakes


Day 54 of the Wild Hair & Beard experiment.

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 54 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 54

Face Mask

My washable, reusable face mask arrived today. I was still the only person in Sainsbury's wearing one...

A photo of Mark wearing a black reusable face mask outside Sainsbury's in Torpoint
Face Mask Day 1

This Data Visualization Puts Into Better Perspective The Death Toll Caused By COVID-19

Best Job Title Ever!

I knew about this job title back in the late 1990s when I first met Dawson and he explained it to me. He's just found a reference to it some 25 years later...

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