Saturday 16 May 2020

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Day 54 of Lockdown

People think I'm crazy because I talk to my cat. What am I supposed to do? Just ignore him when he asks me a question?

Old Habits Die Hard

The greatest force in the universe is the force of habit...

Technology Improves with Time

I am often surprised and bemused that people with modern cars won't use the air conditioning, or use it sparingly because it costs a lot of fuel.

That hasn't been true for at least 30 years, but people still hang on to it.

Using the air-con in a modern (last 15 years) vehicle does use more fuel, but it's a tiny amount more - I would wager that more fuel is lost due to evaporation.

Batteries Don't Have A Cyclic Memory

Not since the bad old days of Ni-Cad batteries have they had a cyclic memory. You don't have to fully discharge them each time you use them. Just read the instructions that came with your device, eh?

Covers and Mats

The other thing that I find fascinating is that people will spend money on seat covers (house or car) and/or floor mats - To what end?
Do they think they'll get a higher resale value if one patch of the seat/carpet material is clean?
Don't they like the pattern on the sofa/chair, so feel the need to cover it up? Why buy that one then?
Also, are they buying the carpet/sofa/car thinking about selling it already?

Just use the car/carpet/sofa as it was intended to be used...

Beer Can Chicken

The cans of beer that we have in the house are approaching their BBE date. So as nobody is going to drink them, I'm going to cook with them...

Tonight, it is Beer Can Chicken.

Getting the rub under the skin was...odd

A photo of Mark's hand fisting a chicken by puttin his whole hand between the skin and the chicken's breast
Fits like a glove
A photo of Beer Can Chicken
Beer Can Chicken
A photo of Beer Can Chicken

Pipe or Rafiki?

A photo of a pipe that looks exactly like a baboon
Confusing Perspective

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