Wednesday 10 Jun 2020

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Day 79 of Lockdown

Are all the non essential oils out of work now?

Black Lives Matter

The amount of racist posts on my Facebook feed since the George Floyd murder have depressed me. I am constantly amazed at the blatant racism of my "friends".

One such diatribe was a reposting of a (presumably) white guy talking to a black person, saying things like, "you rape our girls, you loot, you riot, etc."

And these idiot who post this stuff believe it!

Yes, some black people have raped some white people and that's a terrible thing. But black people are no more likely to rape white people than the rest of the population.

Sure, the right-wing comics that they read (newspapers) highlight when interracial crime happens because that stokes people's fears and anger and sells more comics!

Most of the child sex grooming in this country happens because our society allows it to happen - It is done by men (and women) who invoke an imaginary, invisible being in the sky who says it's OK to do that - and we let them get away with it - we keep churches open!

Tamar Crossings

Shout out to Tamar Crossings for refunding the monthly service charge for the TamarTag due to COVID-19 and the fact that they stopped charging for ferry crossings.

They didn't need to do that, but it's a gesture that will go unnoticed by many and should be praised.

Hey, it's only 80p, but they have scored a +ve point in my mind.

Bruce Almarky

Working from home has its challenges

A photo of Bud sitting on Mark's head while Nancy is thrown across his shoulder like a stole

Penrose Triangle Tree

Opposite the bench on which I meditate, there is a triangle tree - and it looks like the Penrose Triangle (impossible triangle).

A photo of a tree in Devonport Park that is growing in the shape of the Penrose Triangle
Impossible Tree

Eoan Ermine

We are (well, Kim is) decorating the living room.

I took down the internet co-axial cable from the door frame while she painted.

I left it just resting on the floor as it fell:

A photo of a white co-axial cable on a hardwood floor in the shape of an ermine

I kept getting a nagging feeling that I'd seen the outline somewhere before.

And then I minimised all my apps and saw my desktop:

A screenshot of the Ubuntu Linux 19.10 Eoan Ermine Desktop with the ermine sillouette

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