Friday 12 Jun 2020

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Day 81 of Lockdown

I wonder if Hank Marvin gets offered food every time he introduces himself?


A good article on the Beeb from 2017 about when statues should be taken down.

As mentioned, my feeling is that statues and other effigies are odd hero-worshipping icons anyway. A bronze image of your resemblance? Kind of weird...

And the historical record argument is nonsense - the statue isn't a record of that person's history. That history is in texts. A thousand years hence, nobody would be able to work out what Sir Francis Drake did by his statue on Plymouth Hoe...

Just as everyone in the UK has heard of Adolf Hitler despite him not having a statue on the Barbican.


We are decorating the front room. It's going well - we (well, Kim) have painted the wall pure white as an undercoat so the dark blue of the past doesn't bleed through the wallpaper we will be hanging. We have done the skirting boards, internal window frames and internal door.

Today we have also painted the wooden strip from which the curtain rail hangs - and that means we are without curtains for a couple of nights - that's kind of odd!

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