Thursday 18 Jun 2020

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Day 87 of Lockdown

My gardening skills improved since the quarantine. I planted myself on the sofa in April and have grown bigger ever since...

RIP Vera Lynn

Today saw the sad passing of Dame Vera Lynn. 103 though! Good innings...

Contact Tracing App

Also today, the chimps government announced that they will be switching form a centralised model for their contact tracing app to the distributed model that Google and Apple have proposed. No software/data engineer worth their salt would have suggested a centralised model...

Only people who want to farm your data for other nefarious purposes would.

Also it's telling that they tried to hide this VERY MAJOR news behind a story about painting an aeroplane...

(The jet used by the PM and others is being painted in the Union Flag livery at the cost of £900,000 to the taxpayer

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