Friday 19 Jun 2020

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Day 88 of Lockdown

The hippopotamus can run faster than humans on land and can swim faster than humans in water. This means that the only way you can beat a hippopotamus in a triathlon is on a bicycle.

Speaking Clock

I was just reading about someone who had to explain to their children that there used to be (still is) a number that you can phone which tells you the time! Apparently the kids just wouldn't believe it! 😂


Today we passed 300,000 cases of COVID-19 in this country - and not a peep about it in the news...

Katie Hopkins Banned From Twitter

Some wonderful news is that Katie Hopkins has been banned from Twitter, permanently!

Her vile and offensive brand of right-wing fascist hate speech has been finally cut off at its source. I'm really starting to warm to Jack Dorsey...

Now, if we can also rid the interwebs of her Nazi partner in hate crimes, Nigel Farage, I'd be a very happy bunny!

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