Monday 22 Jun 2020

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Day 91 of Lockdown

I spilled my pumpkin spice latte and now a bunch of ants are making brunch plans and doing yoga


So, I've just completed session 1 of week 5 of the Couch to 5k programme.

Today was 5 minutes running followed by 3 minutes walking, then repeat that 3 times - and I have to say that my recovery time is way less than the 3 minutes. I can confidently say that I'm fitter than I have been for at least 20 years!

Week 5 spices things up a bit - previously it has been 3 sessions repeated for each week, so on Monday , Wednesday & Friday you do the same thing. In Week 5, there is a different session each time, so I've made a point of not looking ahead. I'll only know what the run entails when I'm in the park in my kit and ready to go!

What's Wrong With Your Cat?

A photo of Lola the cat laying in a bed of flowers that is in a box 3 feet off the ground!
Lola in the flower box


A photo of Teri's headband that has fallen in the shape of the deliveroo logo
This towel fell like the Deliveroo logo

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