Sunday 28 Jun 2020

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Day 97 of Lockdown

If Lassie was a cat, little Timmy would've died in that well...

Trump (Impeached)

So it has emerged that Putin has been paying Afghan insurgents to kill US troops. A bounty on their heads.

Trump (Impeached) apparently knew about this according to intelligence officials and was briefed on it in March - just before he invited Putin back into the G7 summit. Russia had been excluded because of the Crimean invasion (that's still going on).

The White House bimbo has said that neither Trump (Impeached) nor Pence were briefed on it.

Let's pretend that is true (it's not) for a second - Trump (Impeached) still has not condemned the action.

The hashtag #tre45on is for a reason...

White Supremacist Retweet

And then he did this.

Get him out of The White House now!


My MuuMuu (kaftan) arrived yesterday, so now my WFH setup is now complete:

A photo of Mark sitting in his MuuMuu using a stick to poke at his computer keyboard just like Homer Simpson
Homer's MuuMuu

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