Thursday 02 Jul 2020

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Day 101 of Lockdown

This is the first year I am not going to Japan because of Covid-19. Usually I don’t go because I am poor.


So today the nurse called from the doctor's surgery and told me that I have Prediabetes.

It doesn't mean that I'm definitely going to get Type-2 diabetes, but it means that I carry a moderate to strong risk of developing it.

So, the diet starts here.

To be fair, since lockdown I've been eating so much healthier, eating quite a lot of fruit, and of course doing the C25K programme. It just now means that the dietary part of it is more important than ever.


Day 102 of the Wild Hair & Beard experiment.

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 102 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 102

I have no idea why my facial expression is like that. I wasn't having a poo! πŸ˜‚πŸ’©πŸ˜‚

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