Saturday 04 Jul 2020

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End of Lockdown

I've just put some M&M’s into my facemask and I am slowly eating them like a horse.

Well, lockdown was eased today in England. The pubs were allowed to open at 0600 and things like hairdressers and barbers can open.

People from two households can now meet indoors as long as they continue self-distancing (which they haven't been for many weeks anyway, so that won't happen).

I'm still working from home, and to be honest, I see no real reason to revert from this - my job can wholly be done from right here.

Formula 1 is Back!

DAS Booted?


Now, I'm a fan of the AMGMercedes F1 Team, so I have obvious bias in this area.

I think that the DAS system is legal under the current rules, but it does offer an obvious advantage.

F1 have changed the rules so that it will not be allowed next year, but as it stands, it is perfectly fine for Mercedes to use - and other's to copy - this season.

Innovation needs to push the boundary limits in all aspects of life. This is one of those innovations.

Sky Coverage

It was good to see the SKY F1 presenters wearing facemasks while they are presenting, and observing social distancing rules.

I think it pooh-poohs any suggestion of lack of sound quality or breathing ability (mainly given by American Idiots) from wearing masks.

I'm a Runner

So, I've just asked Kim for a decent pair of running shoes for my birthday - nothing expensive because I'm still not quite believing that I'm actually a runner.

I've done my research on runners websites and found a pair of neutral running shoes from Asics which have some good reviews for beginners.

The weird thing is that today is a rest day with now runs - indeed I have the entire weekend to rest - but in my head I'm thinking I could just go for a 30 minute run... - What the hell has happened to me??

When I was a sprinter (for Devon, no less!), I used to joke that the furthest I could run was 405m, which was a 400m sprint with 5m to slow down at the end. Although it was a joke, it wasn't far off - I used to tell myself that I had no stamina and therefore I couldn't run any 'long' distances, but I'm running 25 minutes (about 3.4k at present) without a stitch and it feels good...

4th July

I'm not going to wish America a happy birthday this year.

I think that although they dare not say it, they have descended into Fascism.

And that's worrying - arguably the world's strongest military power being led by a populist dictator makes America a far scarier proposition than Adolf Hitler and Germany.

I don't think the people are deciding the elections - I don't think there are enough idiots voting for Trump (there are some, certainly) or in this country enough idiots voting for Brexit - I think there is direct outside (Russian?) influence and/or cheating.

I am worried that the UK is not far behind - it is the way that the Conservative Party is taking us

Yoda: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

There's Been A Happenings Happening

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