Monday 06 Jul 2020

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Formula 1

I think we can safely assume that Ferrari cheated last year and now are paying the price.

However, this constant threat of Ferrari leaving F1 if the FIA do not pander to them appropriately is just mired in corruption and it stinks.

Let them leave - F1 will still be in good shape, and maybe the other big production car names will want to (re)join the fray?


Week 7; Run 1 is another 25 minute straight run with no rest walks in there.

Today was really bloody hard - even before half way, I was considering stopping and walking for a bit. I've been told that there will be good runs and bad runs and this was a bad run.

But, I stuck with it, slowed my pace a little (I think I went off too fast this time, also) and just kept plodding on, trying to think about anything apart from running.

pAnd, in the end, when Jo Wiley announced to me that I only had 60 seconds left, I surprised myself again and bloody went for it - full on run, arms pumping high, to the finish line (well, finish time).

The endorphins haven't kicked in yet, so it really was a bum run for me...

RIP Charlie Daniels

Today, Charlie Daniels died from a stroke.

MAy you forever beat that devil with your fiddle...

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