Tuesday 07 Jul 2020

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A Cat in the Paint

So, one of our cats, Sox, has just jumped into the paint tray as Kim was painting the hallway. So we've just spent time cleaning up footprints and trying to get it out of her hair. Stupid animals.

When is Graffiti not Graffiti?

The old iron railway bridge at Garfield Terrace has seen some sights over the years. Bombs have left molten holes in the fabric of the bridge as a poignant reminder of the Blitz of Plymouth in WWII.

Recently, it has had each panel vandalised with a large letter - the whole spelling out the words, Boris Lies - A sentiment that I wholly concur with, if not the medium used.

More recently, someone - presumably the council - has painted over this graffiti with light grey paint. But they have done not painted the entire panels, just a rough circular blob of light grey paint.

And this evening, a group of people are out, with folding picnic chairs and paintbrushes, painting over the light grey blobs with cartoon-style daisies. They are also painting the background around the daisies in a darker grey, matching the panel colours.

I have to say that it certainly looks nice and brightens the place up.

But, and here is the philosophical point - Are they authorised to do this painting? If not, isn't their artwork just graffiti, the same as the Boris Lies artwork?

Who has the final say on such things?

Bolsonaro Tests Positive

Brazil's President, Jair Bolsonaro, has tested positive for coronavirus.>

This is an evil far-right dictator who dismissed the virus as a hoax and has downplayed in all along, even refusing to wear a mandatory face mask until a judge ordered him to.

Yep, That About Covers It...

An xkcd comic of the universal rating scale - from 1 to 11
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